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COBRA® Wireless Firing Systems - 18R2 Scripted Remote

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Price: $349.00
Item Number: 18R2
Manufacturer: COBRA®
Looking to graduate beyond manual firing? The 18R2 boasts all the same features as the COBRA 18R plus a handful of advanced features including a USB port for loading up to 100 pre-defined scripts for automated firing. You can easily create scripts in minutes using Microsoft Excel or Finale Fireworks Pro, a powerful visual choreography software for designing firework displays.

The 18R2 creates new opportunities for small to mid-sized display companies by allowing them to easily, reliabily, and affordably shoot pyromusicals with minimal operator training compared to any other system in the market.
Rapid Fire Speed
Different from other wireless firing systems, the 18R2 has no limit on how fast you can manually fire cues. This is accomplished by an innovating grid-firing technique where COBRA transmits multiple layers of firing commands that overlap onto each other. This ensures that in the rare event a wireless command is not received, the redundant layers act as backup to ensure every cue is fired as expected.

In addition, you don't need to wait for visual fire confirmation since the COBRA 18M will always provide enough current to fire the cue regardless of how long you hold the button on the hand-held remote.
Firing Memory
The 18R2 has a 4MB internal flash chip for storing script, continuity and firing history. This allows the remote to tell you good, bad and expected continuity based on uploaded scripts. In addition, when firing your show the remote tells you which cues have been fired and which cues remain to be fired in real-time.
Multi-Cue Firing
The 18R2 allows you to fire multiple cues at the same time by simply pressing multiple buttons on the hand-held remote. For example, press cues 1 and 2 at the same time.

In addition, using the USB port for script uploads, you can fire up to 8 unique cues at the same time across two channels. For example, fire cues 1,2,3,4 on channel 1 and cues 3,4,5,6 on channel 2 at the exact same time.
Module Addresses
The 18R2 assigns unique address (A01, A02, A03...) to each COBRA 18M when sycned. This unique address is used to test continuity and signal strength across modules set to the same channel directly from the 18R2.
Creating Scripts
The 18R2 is outfitted with a USB port for the uploading of up to 100 pre-defined scripts. You can create scripts in seconds using using Microsoft Excel, or you can create powerful pyromusicals using our integration with Finale Fireworks Pro. Use the Following Link for Information on Finale Fireworks:

Scripts can also be created using this Microsoft Excel SCRIPT TEMPLATE 

Semi-Auto Firing
The 18R2 offers the unique ability to manually fire cues while an automatic script is running. For example, while executing a pyromusical you may want a handful of manual reserve shots to fill any unanticipated black sky. Using the 18R2, you can manually fire any cues whether defined in the scipt or not, at any time during the show without disrupting the current firing script.

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