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Olight Multi-Purpose Gear Family Set, Christmas 2010

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MSRP: $224.95
Price: $120.00
You Save: $104.95 (47 %)
Manufacturer: Olight

For the 2010 Christmas Season, Olight is offering this very special "kit" that includes three flashlights and their related accessories. Olight calls it their "Multi-Purpose Gear" Family, or MPG Family for short.

The MPG Family includes the following flashlights and accessories:

  • M20S, S2 Edition
    • Red Filter
    • White Filter/Diffuser
    • Gun Mount
    • Remote Pressure Switch
  • TC15 Stainless Steel, S2 Edition
    • White Diffuser
    • Orange Diffuser
  • Titanium AAA, S2 Edition

See below for each flashlight's specifications:

Olight M20-S, S2 Edition

  • CREE XP-G S2 Emitter
  • Compatible with multiple battery configurations:
    • 2x CR123A
    • 2x RCR123A
    • 2x 16340
    • 1x 17670
    • 1x 18650
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 140mm (5.5in)
    • Bezel Diameter: 33.5mm (1.3in)
    • Body Diameter: 24.08mm (0.98in)
  • Maximum Range: 280 meters (306 yards; 918 feet)
  • Three digitally-controlled constant outputs and one strobe mode:
    • Low: 5 lumens, 600 hours
    • Medium: 115 lumens, 12 hours
    • High: 340 lumens, 4 hours
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body with Type-III hard anodizing
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Highly water resistant
  • Battery magazine prevents battery rattle with 2xCR123A
  • Included accessories: O-rings, Holster, Lanyard, Battery Magazine, Rubber Switch Boot, Pocket Clip, Smooth ring


To turn the M20-S on and off, press or click the tailcap button. To switch output modes, turn the M20-S on, and then press the side switch to cycle through the modes. To access the strobe mode immediately when the MS20-S is off, simply press the sideswitch.

Olight TC15, Stainless Steel, S2 Edition

  • CREE XP-G S2 Emitter
  • Material/Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Reflector: Orange-peel textured reflector
  • Lens: Hardened, ultra-clear glass lens
  • Water and Dust Resistant to IP68 Standard
  • Forward clicky switch
  • Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F
  • Two constant output levels and one strobe (in order):
    • High: 125 lumens, 70 minutes
    • Strobe: 10hz, 140 minutes
    • Low: 52 lumens, 140 minutes
  • Battery type: 1xAA Alkaline Battery
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 98.9mm (3.89in)
    • Diameter: 21.6mm (0.85in)
    • Weight: 102g (3.6oz) excluding battery


To turn the TC15 on and off, click the tailcap button. To switch output modes, gently depress the tail switch momentarily and release it within 1 second; the light will cycle high, strobe, low. If you leave the TC15 off for 2 seconds or longer, it will memorize the last used mode.

Olight Mini Titanium AAA, S2 Edition

  • CREE XP-G S2 Emitter
  • Material: Polished Titanium Alloy
  • Reflector: Orange-peel textured reflector
  • Lens: Hardened ultra-clear lens
  • Water and dust resistent to IP68
  • Twist-style activation (no clicky switch)
  • Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F
  • Three output levels:
    • Low: 4 lumens, 700 minutes
    • Medium: 30 lumens, 105 minutes
    • High: 95 lumens, 50 minutes
  • Battery Compatibility: 1xAAA alkaline, rechargeable NiMh, or 10440 li-ion. 10440 are not recommended because the body of the flashlight will get hot very quickly.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 69.3mm (2.73in)
    • Diameter: 14mm (0.55in)
    • 23.2g (0.82oz) exluding battery


    To turn the Titanium AAA on, tighten the head fully. Loosen the head a half-turn to turn it off. To switch output modes, simply turn the light off and then on again within two seconds (tight -> loose -> tight). If the Titanium AAA is left off for 3 seconds or longer, it will default to low mode.


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